About Us

Dawn Dawn Clark, the one who runs the show, can skin/trap and set up camp better then most men.
Stacy, Marty and Lloyd Lloyd Clark, the bosses husband manages the guiding/hunting portion of the business and loves the bush and calling moose.

Stacy Clark, our youngest started hunting when he was 14 years old, and is a hunting fanatic, who loves to call elk, and hunts rough and hard.

Marty Clark, our oldest son started hunting when he was just 6 by following his Dads bootsteps.

Holly Holly Clark, our daughter, who loves to bowhunt and leads the boys with the largest White Tail Buck taken so far.
Mike Mike Foster, who we could not have done this without his help, enthusiasm and culinary skills.
Grandchildren And of course our Grandchildren, who put the fun in all of it.

Hunting has been a life long passion of our family all of our lives and owning Pink Mountain Outfitters is a dream come true . Sharing Pink Mountain Outfitters with other hunters is a lot of fun and new life long friends are made each year . The love of the chase is what attracts us to the hunt and the smiles after harvest and fulfilling dreams is what is most rewarding . We are avid bow hunters, who enjoy calling in moose, elk and black bear for close encounters each season .

We invite you to book a hunt and fulfill your dreams of adventure and excitement with a safe, caring family.